Payday loan or mortgage? New prospects open for HUF 10 million

The main difference between the two most popular schemes has traditionally been the amount of credit. The “usual” field of mortgages is home buying and construction, while payday loans, with quick but smaller amounts of up to several million, meaning a temporary financial mess as a kind of financial injection, or suddenly needing a smaller or larger amount to buy a car. equipment or financing a training course.

In addition to the amount, the other big difference to date is the freedom to use. In the case of a payday loan, we can spend the loan on whatever we want. Usage is limited only by the amount, while home mortgages, although we get a higher amount, can only be used to create a home. This can mean renovation, construction, construction, or new home, but we must stay in the process of creating a home.

10,000,000 reasons to change

10,000,000 reasons to change

Well, these two large watersheds on the Good Finance payday loan now seem to be changing, as the above mentioned payday loan cap at Good Finance has jumped to $ 10,000,000, which may be more heavyweight or parallel investments while keeping the freedom to use!

The mortgage stays at home


If, after reading these lines, we are rushing to cover our housing expenses with a payday loan rather than a mortgage, let us stop for a moment! In the case of a mortgage (Good Finance Qualified Consumer-Friendly Home Loan *), we need a contract to purchase a home, we have a contract for expansion and construction, a business contract, and a renovation budget approved by a technical inspector.

In return, we get lower interest rates and security: invoice contractors are forced to do a good job first unless they want to face awkward legal procedures.

More, faster!


Nonetheless, 10 million is already a loan amount that really opens up new avenues for payday loan use. From this amount, it is possible to carry out major urgent renovation work and even more independent development work. For example, you can replace a boiler, a door and a family of four-wheelers at the same time.

In addition, Good Finance has provided a very clear calculator to help you get your payday loan for $ 10,000, where you can not only calculate the details but also call back at the touch of a button to get all your questions answered.

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