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My washing machine broke. I need money for a weekend trip. I have to pay for car insurance. These are just a few situations in which we may need a small amount of capital in our daily lives. However, what to do if we do not have the necessary amount and the need to meet is here and now? In each of these situations, we can reach for external financing. In the case of meeting short-term consumption needs, it will be justified to take a single installment loan, i.e. payday loan. What is a payday loan?

Bad credit loans online from $300 to $1,000

Making bad credit loans online via usually takes several minutes, and the money borrowed quickly goes to the customer’s account. The payday loan is usually paid without unnecessary formalities and without additional certificates. Very often only an ID card is needed to conclude the contract.

Amount in payday loan

Amount in payday loan

What is the payday loan from the amount of funding available? It is a product that finances small needs. The amount that I can receive in one installment loan will normally not exceed PLN 3-5 thousand. Of course, there are exceptions, but they will still be below PLN 10,000. If we need financing for larger sums on the non-banking market, we only need to apply for a multi-installment loan.

What is a payday loan? This is a small loan in the amount of a few hundred to several thousand zlotys repaid with one installment, most often up to 30 days from contracting. The payday loan can be requested both in the traditional process at the credit agencies and online by completing the application online.

What is payday loans, i.e. how to conclude a contract

What is payday loans, i.e. how to conclude a contract

Regardless of whether the payday loan is concluded online or with the Agent, the first step is always to complete the application. In the offline process, it is the agent who submits the application, completing all required fields regarding personal data, income generated, liabilities held by the Customer. Usually, there is no need to attach additional documents, such as a statement of earnings, so the client’s assessment is very often based only on the statement. After the application is verified by the system or analyst, a decision is issued and the funds are transferred to the account indicated by the Customer in a very short time. Many companies also allow payouts by credit checks. It may happen that the customer will be asked for additional documents, such as an account statement, but it is always the individual decision of the loan institution. To sum up, you can receive a payday loan on your account in several minutes, without unnecessary formalities and on a statement.

Online process

You can, however, receive the instant cash quickest by completing the online application. Just enter the required data into the system and wait for the decision. The application submitted to the bank is subject to analysis, assessment of creditworthiness and verification of the documents provided, and the payday loan is available here and now. Unlike banks, this process is efficient and fast, and most importantly safe from the client’s point of view. Companies in online processes use different ways to verify the customer’s identity, which affects security. Of course, you should pay close attention when it comes to the credibility of the company to which you submit the application. You should check whether the loan institution is entered in the Register of Loan Institutions or the Association of Financial Enterprises in Poland, whether it operates in accordance with the law, what are the opinions of customers about it.


What is a payday loan and what is it for? Payday loans are now a great way to solve unexpected financial problems. They are characterized by the fact that they do not verify income documents, do not call the workplace and make a credit decision even in a few minutes. In addition, this type of financing can be obtained by customers with bad credit history and having entries in the databases. The whole process can be started online through the website, and the signing and conclusion of the contract can take place with a certified agent who will additionally advise whether to choose one or another form of credit.