5 Signs That You Are Losing Financial Control


Do not you know if you’re taking care of your money as it should? Financial control is essential for you to live more peacefully and also to fulfill your dreams.

And to help you identify if you’re losing financial control, Good Credit has selected 5 signs that deserve attention.

Check each of them below.

1) The salary does not last all month

1) The salary does not last all month

The money you earn does not last the whole month? The problem is an alert that needs to be resolved quickly. The first step is to investigate why this has been happening.

Clarify your income and expenses in a notebook or expense worksheet. This is the time to find out if you spend more than you earn.

Make it a habit to write down, if possible, your expenses. This is one of the options for organizing personal finances.

Also, take the time to identify the highest expenses. Thus, it is easier to reduce or even cut what is not needed.

And you know that “coffee” you take every day out of the house? It can also weigh in your pocket and compromise your budget.

How about waking up early and having breakfast at home? Start practicing economics: read our 70 practical tips for saving money.

2) Problems with the credit card

By having the highest interest rates on the market, credit card is the biggest villain in the pocket of Brazilians. If you use your credit card to pay bills , live with the card to do most of your shopping or have difficulty paying the bill, there are signs that you do not know how to use the credit card in your favor . Calm down, all is not lost! It is important to act quickly to avoid financial loss.

To avoid that snowball, if you were unable to pay your credit card bill or are in doubt between paying minimum or installment , be aware that there are options to pay off credit card debt , such as a personal loan .

Now, if you’re able to pay your credit card bill in full, but run out of money after that, it’s still a sign that financial crunch is knocking on your door. Learn how to manage your debt and keep up with personal finances .

3) Uses overdraft often


Overdraft has one of the highest rates of all types of credit, second only to revolving credit .

If you have the habit of going through a special check every month, there is the possibility of losing control of your finances, should there be any unforeseen circumstances. And there you have, right? The negative balance grows and even if you make some money to “cover” the overdraft, you have high interest rates to pay.

To avoid using overdraft, you should organize your financial life in a few days . Here at Good Credit, you can apply for a personal loan to pay off the overdraft debt and still remain on positive balance.

Personal loan is the best option for you to balance your finances: when opting for personal loan, you choose installments that fit in your pocket and do not weigh in your monthly budget.

4) You risk being denied

loan money


If you were unable to pay an account and you risk being included in the delinquent register, you must resolve the problem as soon as possible. After all, getting the dirty name impairs access to credit and can make a small debt into a snowball.

Do not wait any longer to regularize your situation: Ask for a personal loan right now and avoid negative ones.

If you are already negative, contact the lender and negotiate your debt as soon as possible. Choose an agreement where the installment can be paid without you feeling too tight.

Be sure to pay your settlement on time as this is a sign that you are willing to change your financial habits. No matter the size of your debt: there is always a solution for anyone looking to keep up with the financial commitments.

5) No financial reserve

financial money


When it comes to financial planning, having money set aside for emergencies is indispensable. If you do not have a financial reserve, it’s time to start saving money for possible contingencies that may arise later.

You can start with a small amount and increase until you get a good balance. A good idea is to look for alternatives to earn extra money.

And if you need money now, you can count on Good Credit! At Good Credit, you find the perfect personal loan for what you need: whether for an emergency, to pay bills or even to travel.



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